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Simon Moon pres. JP Project - Madness (2014)

Simon Moon pres. JP Project - Madness (2014)
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'Simon Moon' comes to Linger Records with a massive release! He is a great producer in the Uplifting Trance scene coming from Poland, and we had previously the pleasure to present some of his remixes through this label.
Simon Moon pres. JP Project - Madness (2014)
Trance | Linger Records (LGR0057)
320 kbps | MP3 | single | 2014-01-02 | 00:41:34 | 96.90 Mb
Uploaded: ul.to, u22023982.letitbit.net, dfiles.ru, bitshare.com, hitfile.pp.ua

01. Madness (Original Mix) (5:54)
02. Madness (Outer Space Remix) (7:57)
03. Madness (LekSin Remix) (7:02)
04. Madness (Stephane Badey Remix) (6:39)
05. Madness (Arrakeen Arraknophobic Remix) (10:42)
06. Madness (Radio Edit) (4:00)

This time he offers us a different original tune in style Tech. Trance, but as always with great force. And we count with 4 remixes, all them brought to us by our great A&R Darren Clarke, thank you, Darren! Those who make them are: 'Outer Space', a talented artist capable to do great stuff who we presented previously through OvertMind and now for first time in Linger, he bring us an awesome Uplifting Trance Remix. 'LekSin', one of our most talented and productive artists, as always comes with an amazing remix of great quality and strength, of course in his line which we love, Uplifting Trance. 'Stephane Badey', a great artist who we presented previously, comes this time with a very good work, in style Tech. Trance and with an awesome quality. And finally a new artist in Linger named 'Arrakeen', who comes with a good Trance Remix. So, here is a very complete launch with variety of styles and very good tracks. You can't miss this full release!

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